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  The Making of Donald Trump  CSPAN  October 2, 2016 6:45pm-7:46pm EDT

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think of the english term and some people called it isil. so not trying to be clever it's just a struggle to figure out a proper way to transliterate the words but thank you for that. >> will do one more. >> my question is, what role ife any do you feel that our media here in europe play in creating an atmosphere [inaudible] on. >> that's a good question, it's something that we wrestle with at the washington post. we do take very seriously the fact that our work sometime can agitate and excite so if you try to be restrained like were having a discussion about an article that involves videos, how much to show, you need to show enough to help people
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understand the situation, not e enough to be obscene really with the level of violence. role a but what i do feel now is that we have an important role toing, play this, isis is losing ground of the propaganda war because people are understanding know what they're about. they might see these videos they see on the internet of people coming outte of raqqa and people fleeing these countries have been abused and see these people as anything but islamic. theab more we can tell the stories and thought people straight about what isis is really about, destroy their mythology think that's a great contribution. i don't mind saying that. >> should we have one more question?ull the okay. i encourage you to, by me and i'll be happy to talk to you. thank you so much for your timet it's an honor. [applause] [inaudible]
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>> you are watching book tv on c-span2. with top nonfiction book and authors every weekend. book tv, television for serious readers. this is book tv on c-span2, television for serious readers. starting shortly will bring you some programs on the current presidential candidates. first up, david k johnson k johnson critical talk about the making of donald trump. followed by dick morris on his book, armageddon, how trump can beat hillary. also face the nation's john dickerson looks back at manner of mobile campaign moments on book tv's afterwards program and 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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at ten p.m., maria details the danger being a front line journalists. we wrap up our sunday primetime line at 11:00 p.m. with carles murray who presents his plan to replace the welfare system in america with the universal basic income. that that happens next on c-span2, book tv. here a couple books and presidential candidates. >> good evening everyone. thank you for coming. my name is candace, i work with the events at the start. on behalf of the staff i want to welcome you. if you could take a moment to silence yourself on so i don't don't have interruptions that would be great. we are recording the event, we have c-span here and are doing our own recording that will go on youtube in about one week. we'll have about an hour long
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presentation and have given to the presentation in half with your questions. we have one microphone for questions so if you can make your way to that microphone we will hear it on are recording and everyone can hear you. at the end we have assigning him before you get an assigning line please hold for the upper chair so everyone can move around easier. i'm pleased to be welcoming david johnson to present his latest book, the making of donald trump. no matter what side of the political spectrum you land on a think we can agree that trumps rapid rise to political stature is shocking. this new book sheds light on many of his beliefs which still invades those of us who are repulsed by him. on those who have relinquished their moral values to support him. [applause]
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[laughter] >> these are a reflection of my own beliefs and not necessarily yours. his work has appeared in many media outlets, he has appeared in the diff trite free press, the philadelphia inquirer the new york time. his journalism has had major influence on the topic he has covered from exposing crime and the police department to change in american government policy and freeing an innocent man wrongly accused of a murder. he has frequent opening pieces for the usa today. the new york daily news, and the rochester democrat and chronicle. he is is a consultant on electricity regulation, rare earth and journalism for the netflix serious.
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so please try me in welcoming him to politics and prose. [applause] >> how wonderful to see so many people here. i'll just start off by telling you a little bit about donald and me and how this book came about. [laughter] i don't to politics, i do policy. so this is a is a very strange place for me. in 1988i left the l.a. times and went to atlantic city for the philadelphia inquirer group because i believe that believe that casino gambling was about to explode across america and become ubiquitous, which in fact it did. almost immediately upon arriving i met the most important person in atlantic city, donald trump. it became almost instantly obvious to me that he was our pt -- selling new tickets to the fiji mermaid and other things like this.
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shortly after that i began talking with his competitors, was steve nguyen, a serious successful gambling mogul with some gamblers, with government government officials and mcdonald's on people. they all told me he knows nothing about the casino business. and i how can that be, that's not possible, so the first time donald and i sat down to have a cup coffee i deliberately said something to him false. and it had to do with craps and of all the documents i've saved on donald come at one point before digitization came possible i was renting to storage lockers just to keep my files on several people, including files on donald. i can't find that notebook. but anyway i have to make
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question about craps in which i put inches. it. and donald immediately embrace this falsehood and put it into his answer. now this is what the psychics you see advertised on daytime tv do. this is what con artistry. so in case he had done that i had prepared several other questions like that where i drop things into the conversation that were false and every time, he immediately embraced the falsehood and put it into his answer. that is when i realized, this guy is a con artist. whatever is going on he is fundamentally, at heart running a scam. now i chronicled donald's behavior back then, as the person who broke the story that he was not a billionaire. i won the official government proceedings established us a few months later in 1990 we ran in the philadelphia inquirer on the top front page about the story with a lead that began, you are probably worth more than donald trump. [laughter]
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you have a negative network about 295 so i had followed donald ever since four years ago when donald went out where he was running, he was treated quite seriously by my peers. lawrence o'donnell and i, separately came to the same conclusion, he was really running for a new contract with nbc for his television show. this time when he announced, i was the only national journalist who set out-of-the-box, he is serious this time and i said he might, it wasn't likely, but he might get the nomination. the difference was that his show was very long, if you're donald trump, the worst thing you can imagine happening, short of your own death would be for the daily news in the new york post to come out with covers that both say nbc to trump, you're fired. secondly, donald saw this field that had no real obvious leader
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the one guy who might have been considered presumptive, jeb bush, would be pretty easy to pick off. donald also, if you ran would be establishing that he had a bigger audience than he had for his show, celebrity prentice and we get a bigger contract. i then was appalled with the news coverage by my peers. now, i watched live when donald came down with his wife milani in front of him to make his announcement. he went into this racist, xena phobic rant against mexican, muslims and others, all of these young people are plotting, i'm sorry midtown manhattan is not philadelphia and mississippi where ronald reagan lost his campaign for the white house. i thought well, he busted some people from somewhere. well, no the hollywood reporter the next air to broke the story that in fact, they were actors,
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pay 50 bucks each to show up. and an understanding donald trump an understanding that he is essentially a fraud, that if you like donald trump, it's because you like what he sold you not because of who and what he is. i called up my literary agency that we have to do a book and nobody believes he will get the domination, so going to happen. by the time publishers decide there is a book you're for traditional publishers who take a long time, it just was not going to happen. in the meantime i wrote about two dozen pieces about donald. in a set of different forms, political, usa today, usa today, national memo, and "newsweek" and some other places. and then melville house called and their specialty is doing books in a hurry. i did one book before in a hurry. and they said, can, can you do this book in three weeks?
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[laughter] >> and i said no, but i will do it in for. and i did this, did this, i did this book in 27 days. and i had done that because haven't done the rewrite for big front-page stories i knew how to assemble into a project like this in a hurry. those of of you who had read the book know that there not a lot of literary values in its mostly facts with 44 pages pages of notes at the end. so having laid out this introduction to you, i want to tell you couple of key things about donald and i keep couple of key stories. donald trump is all about money. and you, everyone of of you sitting in this room, you either recognize his greatness and bask in it, and glory in it, or or donald has a word for you. loser.
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donald is a man who has publicly humiliated the mother of his children. who you will read in my book made up stories that beautiful woman, conveys anger, madonna, were pounding on his bedroom door because every woman in america has got to have donald. by by the way, not only did none of these women want to notch their lipstick case, two of them had never met him apparently and the third one had a brief conversation with him and refers to him as the king of sleaze. [laughter] now donald has spent his entire life doing business with con artist, with mafia, with mobsters, was swindlers his entire life. not surprisingly since his father, fred trump, a fred trump, a very industrious guy who is also a profiteer on post-world war ii housing projects had a business partner,
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willie, who according to law-enforcement reports in the new york state task force was an associate in affront for organized crime families. so, donald not unsurprisingly after graduating from college after he kept saying nobody has ever seen president obama when he went to columbia. [inaudible] . . . . he regarded him as a second father and mentor and he said he
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would brutalize for you. so that's leads me to this story i want to tell you about. fred was a really industrial. when he died, two or three days after his funeral a new great grandchild was born. a descendent in the line of freddy trump junior who had a night earlier as an alcoholic and didn't have a happy life. this child immediately became desperately ill and needed terrifically expensive medical care. like many family-owned businesses they provided everyone in the family with health care.
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and the donald is a big believer in universal healthcare. robert trump wrote a letter to the insurance administrator and said whatever the bills are coming just pay them. and then fred's will was read and it turns out instead of divided sideways five ways, it s divided by four. friday junior was cut out of the well except for some minor gifts. surprised that line of the family went to court ar arguing undue influence that although he'd been diagnosed with alzheimer's about a year and a half or two years after his last will some influence has been applied to cut them out of the will. the reaction is that he immediately cut off all healthcare for this child.
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now think about this, donald trump over money put the life of the sick in jeopardy, his own blood over money and when he was asked about this he said what else can i do? don't you think this is coldhearted and his answer essentially was i don't like people to su that suit my fathes estate. no compassion for the child any more than the family whose son is a serving american military officer killed in combat. no empathy for another person because other people were said simply objects to be used. i want to contrast what happened with this child. a judge ordered the healt healte continued at the settlement and as donald does with settlements all the time contrary to a
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statement the condition was they had to seal the record so we don't know exactly what was done for this trial. donald was confronted with the idea of mercy a few years earlier so as i tell you this, he had no mercy for his own grand nephew. donald has a famous helicopter in the 80s you may have seen him flying around in it getting pictures in the super copter and he had a fleet of helicopters to run down to atlantic city and back. they were provided and managed by a convicted felon and associate of the families. there were lots of companies that have helicopters and there were better finance than this one but this is who donald
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chose. it turns out he had a second business. he was a major drug trafficker and got cocaine and marijuana from columbia and picked it up in miami and according to a court papers he would give the drivers money or plane tickets or whatever they needed to go on and they would go up to cincinnati in areas near their. he was indicted in the fall of 1985. when you own the casino, you have a privilege and those that read my book temples of chance, it's not a bright come it is a privilege and the state of new jersey said you must prove by clear and convincing evidence that you can pay your bills on time and that you are morally fit and you do not associate with criminals.
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donald didn't get rid of this helicopter. joe then agreed to plead guilty. he asked that his case be moved either to miami were new york city where he lived. neither the prosecutors or defense lawyer had ever been able to explain and it came out of the more than 800 district court judges in america, judge maryann trump barry, his sister. now trump barry is required to recuse herself from this case and she did but think about the conversations that went on. she goes to the chief justice and says i can't handl it says s case with the drug trafficker because my husband who is a
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lawyer flies and helicopters over time and you are saying i had a federal judge flying around in helicopters? potential for embarrassing things to happen in the federal judiciary. donald meanwhile shows mercy to this man and writes a letter pleading for him to get a short sentence calling him diligent saying he is a standup guy that should be treated lightly by the courts. when the division of gaming enforcement goes to ask him about the letter he says i don't know what you're talking about. so they go back and get the letters they didn't have and donald says that's my signature not why are you doing business with this guy and what relationship did you have with him. they did ask a few questions
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about an apartment that he and his brother rented under unusual circumstances but that was owned personally by donald trump. welcome he comes up for sentencing before the new judge can he get a light sentence, e. team months after he walks into prison he walks out. he also says he has no money, he can't pay his fines. by the way, the people that drove then, 20 years, up to 20 years. think about that not only in the context of his mouth showing mercy but about the brutality towards this child and in terms of all of his attacks about murders and rapists into drugs and in the black communities in americofamerica he basically say
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has a job and there is no crime. think about the context of that. by the way, when he came out he said he didn't have money to pay the fines he owed but he did move into a $4.2 billion apartment in trump tower. all throughout his career donald trump has been the subject of lawsuits. he cheated employees and vendors and has been accused of swindling investors and projects his name was on. he settled many of the cases and had been sealed so we don't know what happened but we have the testimony in many of the cases and it's generally one of two categories. i had no idea boards you were lucky if you invested in this. the project failed in a bid and
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you would have lost more money. that's his approach to these things. donald when it comes to these deals pleads that he doesn't know things and you will see some answers that he gets to the questions presented under oath where his answers are gibberish. i don't know what else to call them. you may have watched the republican debate. a very smart radio talkshow host and a lawyer that represents the company's environmental deals on the interest side he asked what is your priority among the nuclear triad and his answer was gibberish. he asked the question a second time and he said nuclear.
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it's a big deal. and he said senator rubio, same question. if you tell the american people what the nuclear triad is, it's the ability of the united states military to deliver nuclear weapons from the land-based missiles or bombers. you have to be schooled by marco rubio, you don't know much. [laughter] dot here's the thing my wife and i were watching the debate and said that should be the lead item by everybody. this is the most crucial matter and donald doesn't know anything. i said however my guess is it will give little mentioning. they missed it because they covered the horse race, they don't cover policy.
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they don't know the significance of this question but here is what turns out people didn't know. they asked the same question four months earlier on his radio show so donald had for month fos to get schooled on this. i'd never met him before. i told him the story and he didn't do a thing. donald doesn't know anything. all you have to do is step back and listen to what he said. i'm going to tell them they can't build a factory in new mexico. it's not within the power first to go around telling corporations where they are going to spend their money and where are the conservatives on this issue you can you imagine if president barack obama came out and said that through his companies he owns millions of dollars to the communist chinese bank of china which is
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controlled by those that would lead the government in beijing. can you imagine what would happen if there was a credit card from the bank of china? donald trump has received millions of dollars from the russian oligarchs. one of his sons said they are the biggest sources of money we have. i don't know how many of you saw there was a story done a few days ago about all the people that are enemies of the oligarchs were journalists and then murdered and on the story was a little whining that they passed the law so putin could kill people outside the country. but they are people that declare themselves as enemies of the state and you can argue whether that is right or wrong they are poisoning innocent people, having people shocked.
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if you are in oligarchs in russia you are either a friend of vladimir putin or you are in jail trying to get out of the country. they keep with the objective weekend or strengthen nato. imagine what would have happened if they said we should just weekend nato. the most important reason i wrote this book is donald trump is a master of a couple of things. he's a master ohe is a master op business deals. he never had a dollar invested in extracting money from these deals. that's why the atlantic city casino business was among the first to fail. there are profitable successful casinos right now today that his name will disappear from the last because he had badly run places and instead of investing
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in the business and doing what -- find somebody that has cofounded a little bit in this business. we reinvest so that keeps growing to create wealth. donald trump, pay no attention to the welfare. when donald trump filed bankruptcy many of whom struggled to keep the doors open because they felt an obligation to their employees donald demanded a pig fees to be paid to him. donald is the most masterful manipulator of the conventions of journalism i've ever seen a. of donald understands first of all that most journalists are very good at accurately quoting people indicating other sides of
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the story quoting them that they have no deep understanding of what's going on. he knows the tabloids especially "the new york post" have no real regard so he plans a story that his longtime mistress who i knew about long before but i didn't regard and the story billionaire has mistress. a plane takes off and washington lands in la, not a story. [laughter] [laughter] key plants this stor plant thisa picture of his smiling face with a post best sex ever. he creates this image of himself as it is all a fraud. there's nothing there and i know
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some of you want to ask how much is he worth and i will tell you i don't know but i know that he is not worth as he said in a matter of days 8.7, 10 billion, 11 billion. what i do know is what he said under oath when he had to answer questions about how much are you worth and he said it depends on my emotional state. [laughter] the lawyer said excuse me, who is now the head of enforcement and he said further it depends on how i'm feeling that they and how my mood is that's how i determine my net worth. if he wasn't running for president of the united states i think we would all agree that is crazy. nobody does it that way. throughout his life he has gotten away and the best reporter that ever worked in new york city who got on-the-job
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very early on and the most extraordinary law enforcement i and a guy at th "the wall street journal" were basically the only people really examining donald. everybody else it was a good story. we would say let's look at theie records and we would question what's going on. i want to get across to you the person that you have seen, the image created with the complicity of our major national news organizations that are utterly failing in their duty with a few notable exceptions. the "washington post" tried pretty hard. one reporter asked a tough follow-up question. by and large, donald trump has
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gotten what he wants to create this image that as he said i alone can save you. that's not the statement of the leader in the democracy that is the statement of a would-be dictator. he has said i love the blacks, and you would think most journalists do have enough sense to say that's an interesting way to phrase that statement and they might want to look up the times that he's been found to have engaged in discrimination. why is he on all the time? it was more than $4 billion of media because he's like a train wreck. people won't turn away from the tv. fox news put up a stor out the t
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if they turn off donald, people turn off their tvs or go to another channel. this is no way to run a democracy. this is serious business and unlike donald trump who can say something totally contrary to business practices he can't fire the dictator in north korea or the speaker of the house. he can't fire a federal judge that ithat issues an order theyt like. he has a plan he's going to build a wall and get the trillions of dollars were hundreds of billions needed however he does it because he's rounding up people in the country dot the people that i described in the book that work for him and who got cheated out of their wages but rounded them up an and there's other things e
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discussed that he couldn't do unless congress passes legislation allowing that money. have you ever heard of a president picking a fight with the speaker of the hous speakerd then appointing to run his campaign who says paul ryan is a double agent for hillary clinton. [laughter] i want to take questions i hope you'll read the book. there are 44 pages of notes at the end so you can look stuff up if you don't believe me. my personal e-mail is in the book and a few people have gotten a hold of me in case there are questions and i will leave you with this last point when i was eight teen-years-old he recruited me to be a reporter and throughout my career i had stories where people told the
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editors that's just crazy that can't be. when i said they were assigning officers to get political information, that can't be. they were committing crimes in thandstarted a riot and had offs undercover it all came out to be true. he bragged in the autobiography that the lapd had undercover officers and in 50 years where i had accused people of murder and they lost the job president bush made his only tax policy change and how the file personal tax returns every bit of the work is held up. in this book you'll find stuff that will hold up and i wish i had five weeks to do the book there is a whole bunch more i wanted to put. [applause]
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the microphone is over here. [applause] the only thing i would ask you to do this if you are going to come up and ask a question and think about what you want to do because a bunch of people will want to ask questions and i want to do as many as we can. >> you make a very persuasive case. why is the republican party allowed donald trump to be where he is today? >> because he got the votes but what you're seeing on the broad scale is they are not important anymore. what's important in citizens united they hammered this home, it's the people who are financing the campaign committees narrow groups of
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people who are financing the campaigns. parties don't have discipline. i haven't been o on abc, nbc or cbs but i've done all these gote national shows in australia and canada and germany and france about the book, one of the correspondent said to me if they said just a few of the things donald said, the party with discipline this person and if that didn't work, that would get them out of there. the party has no power there so that is what is happening and i think that you will see a major realignment. i said this may be the end of the party as we know it but we have to have a major realignment and those that have not separated themselves from donald trump said at the sam the same i don't know how you get back.
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>> two quick questions. there is a book that came out six months ago that was a political biography or political campaign by trump and i'm sorry i forgot in the name of it. it was originally called crippled america that he has retitled it. in any case, no one in the media has mentioned that the book. >> it's got a fair amount of coverage when it came out and i would caution you against saying no one has because you think somebody yesterday posted on twitter that no one had written
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about hillary clinton state department an in her e-mails. 19 million but i think it's getting attention like most books do because they are written from the audience supporters and they are not serious tracks. we've had a few exceptions of the book that he wrote that was one of the few exceptions to having a serious book. >> th >> the other question is can you predict the new trump that they are trying to invent now how successful might he be? >> i am not a politics reporter, so i have no idea about that but let me be clear when people argue are you going to see the new trump i saw a snippet on tv just by chance where there was a group of middle-aged women talking about trump and one of
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them said this is like your girlfriend says i found this guy and wthatthis guy and we are got married and change when he's 70-years-old. [laughter] >> this may be a little too willful given the time you have to deal with washington, d.c., but supposedly sometime around the 12th of september, trump international hotel's open that pennsylvania avenue. now, there's been one columnist in the "washington post" that has a good bite on this and has pushed it. the mayor and all the people had to be involved when they come to deal with trump. they basically didn't make a lot of the stuff public to get some
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of the details out, but it appeared awhatappeared as the ct indicated that may be because of the things you had written and others had known that he had to have some kind of given key and get a loan from the bank and whatever outage over the piece o that in theory if he walked away from that deal like the other ones you've written about, they wouldn't get hosed, do you believe that is likely to be the case? >> let me point out that they will not loan money to him. he has said i borrowed money knowing i didn't have to pay it back and i made a lot of money borrowing so the bank has been at the heart of the tax shelters i was exposing in "the new york times" and the bank is one of the few interns to secure them pretty well but in this project
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we would find out donald doesn't have any money i'm sure of that because he doesn't put money into anything. all these deals are if you give me money. he guaranteed at least $45 million out of his own money to be walked away. do you think that is a joke? >> even if it says donald personally there's something we haven't seen. he used to in 1990 he owned 990 plus on a credit card because all these banks and paid for their bad judgment. will there be any women asking questions or just a whole group of people like me old white gu
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guys? [laughter] >> you have a question on the conflicts of interest. the polling data does suggest -- there's an awful lot of people who under their skin they don't want to sit next to a brown or black or yellow person on an airplane but go ahead. as a matter of law i don't see how donald trump gets out of the mess. it's from beginning to end and the attorney general staff that were denied bringing litigation against, they laid out to show why they wouldn't stand.
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you've also read about a campaign-finance contribution that should have shut down the foundation tha but they've done nothing because guess what we stripped them of the assets to do their job and on the first part of the question. it is a minor problem. let me give you the big problems that people have. he called me april 27 and told me he would let me write what he likes. i've been doing this and he's the only politician who's told me that as both democrats and republicans if donald is elected i believe that some federal agencies will start causing me trouble because he will use the
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money to cease the world. he's written about it at great length which is his revenge. if i were a senior united states military officer, and i think we can reasonably assume that they've all pulled out their books to have a precise understanding of what happened and how you refuse the order from the commander-in-chief because i. do use nuclear weapons in europe? those are our allies. we are going to torture people. he executewe executed the japane officers after world war ii for waterboarding people. these people are not going to commit crimes that put them in jeopardy if the freedom of their lives and that will be a crisis
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because they will order them to do things and if you see him fire one general or admiral that's when you need to get worried because of the implication of where that's going. >> this question is in the context only of him losing. the good news about donald trump having run -- pic that i but ife loses, what? >> the party started being the racist institution that it was as i see it now is totally kaput. >> do you agree the party has basically gone as it has been? >> we certainly are going to see a massive realignment but let's not just beat up on the republicans after all it was the democrats in the south who ran
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jim crow. they've been trying to create this image that we are the conservative party and we are principled people and we believe in markets and at the books are in large part the undermining of economics and rent seeking favors that we are not racist or xenophobic and donald trump has undone the efforts to share that message because it is and is available right now and i think that you will see a huge crisis in the effort to figure out what do we do and where do we go but none of that will matter unless we stop what's happened in campaign-finance and citizens united is the first part of that. the chief justice roberts is wrong about this. the founders wrote about the concerns that inequality would
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destroy america and i've written about this. they were worried it would lead to a society in which the business aristocrats would set up rules and persuade people that are workers only if it is they didn't own tools or land and because they had no property, they would deceive those people into voting for policies that favor the business aristocrats kind of like what we have seen in the last 35 years so i think there will be a big crisis about it. where it's going to go i don't know. the democrats need to stop being republican like. >> these facts brought to light why doesn't the media go into it and why doesn't hillary bring it up and also i'm wondering if you
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could talk about his father's ties with the clan. >> i don't know why she's doing her campaign the way she does. i know i sound like i'm popping out that i don't like covering politics. i like policy. but second, if you are going to say that donald trump is involved with these mobsters and drug dealers and others, two things happen. i've had a number of tv shows called me and they say we need to have somebody from the other side and i said okay and they can't find anybody so i say tell them i'm going to be on and ask them for a surrogate. they don't want to participate. if you're not going to participate that should allow you to kill the story. and they all have libel concerns even though this is in the public record. its court documents, his own testimony. the reality is the news business has shrunk them down to the
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fastest the last 15 years has been journalists and news rooms have been shedding people like crazy. i went back to the newsroom are not long ago and i it was 2:00 e afternoon and i thought preceding the famous remark they could fire a shotgun offense not hit anybody. there's a lot of people there but the shrunk and with that there's a lot more concerned about having money diverted from the news to litigation and the view that public doesn't want aggressive journalism and if there is any message by the way the american people have given them the top editors and publishers is we don't want you doing what i do. we don't want you doing this because it affects us and tells us things we don't want to know. we want to believe what we believe. >> in 1927, about a thousand
7:37 pm
guys in white robes and supporters, mostly people that were supporters got into a battle with the new york city police. the newspapers at the time reported when you went to the cop shop among the people arrested was fred trump. he gave his address in queens. donald told this year that wasn't my father. it was somebody else. and there were no charges you shouldn't write about it if there were no charges. i don't think it was him. well it was him and the public records show this address into the idea we shouldn't writ write about something unless there is a criminal charge, i don't think that i've seen him apply that to hillary clinton. [laughter] next? we have at least moved out of the old white guy zone. [laughter]
7:38 pm
>> i said we've moved out of it. why do you think [inaudible] into democracies everywhere. >> why is it that all around the world we are seeing the fundamentalist religious leade leaders, the fundamentalist hindu although i would argue because i read the magazine that they are not muslims. all around the world we are seeing this. i think it's because the speed of which human knowledge is changing things people are not equipped to cope with it. i think people are looking for what's coming but they are not certain and the economics are changing and the rise of the internet will eliminate about more jobs in the world by making things more efficient.
7:39 pm
that's saying inefficiency creates jobs. it's leading people to be fearful and the nature of how we do television news if it bleeds it leads. people think there's more crime and there is. we have low crime now compared to the 1980s, 60s or 20s. it's way down in this country. your odds of being burglarized are one in four and most are done by venturing teenagers usually boys but not always. so i think that this pace of change and the exclusion of television driven news has created a lot of fear and anxiety. mostly our friends in saudi arabia who are running schools where the children are taught every day at the same thing that
7:40 pm
they are taught in north korea. >> what do you think can be do done. >> you will see what is in the return. i have shown in 1980 for his own tax cuts about the tax return. donald has participated in a sales tax fraud. there's a lot about donald, this is the area best known for its taxes. we will never see his tax returns. that's what i have said is when the journalists start saying okay you said you can't release the returns that are under audit, and this is nonsense by the way, we will take you at your word. we would like to see their tax returns because you said that
7:41 pm
the audits are closed and you should be hounded about that. where are your 2009 tax returns? and not as subjected by the irs commissioner which has charitable deductions. his complete returns how many people could erase your hand, he wasn't the manager, he was the owner. anybody in the room note that? one person read my coverage. they have special rules if you are the manager of a private equity fund you can live tax free. this is the people at the top
7:42 pm
are getting rich. somewhere in the distant years from now it's a zero interest loan. imagine if they were in your investment account and you have to pay it back with no interest. we will never see the returns. we need to pass the law. i wrote a column in the daily beast about how to come clean about the taxes that i believe if he had the courage would get him elected. it's called the speech that could elect him. congress should pass the law if you appear pick a number, ten states, the irs is required to disclose the tax return and the only thing they will hold back as the social security number and your home address. you could find out how much the
7:43 pm
founder of sears roebuck not the founder but who built it up, we will never see his returns but in my book you will hear a lot about the tax returns. so we have time about six minutes. >> i'm curious to know why you are a registered republican. [applause] [laughter] they are the party of the big ten. i've had many people say i'm sorry either the party is a big tent or you're not and where i live in western new york i didn't get the vote because they opened after i had to leave town but i was going to vote for a man running years ago that believe human beings coexisted. the democrats don't give you opportunities like that. [laughter]
7:44 pm
someone like you wrote about the tax returns and i had been disappointed every time i write about these issues, the people that need to learn more and understand them. i write for the marketwatch. let me ask a question. i don't want to preach to the choir. the reason i took a job as a journalist at 54-years-old this because i want to convert those who don't believe in what they should and don't understand yet. the question is how do we do that, is it writing a book? >> i'm not in the business of trying to convert people to think the way that i think. in my class when they ask me to
7:45 pm
teach they thought i would teach modern tax and that just becomes what i think about tax policy that teaches nobody anything. i want to give people useful information in a way they can understand to come to the decision. the point you are raising that we had a lot of people in this country who will not pay attention to facts there's been a lot of psychological research done if you want to read a little book it's called true enough and when you look at the cover you will think it is a boy scout and what the research shows is that you tell people something they believe is not true, saddam hussein had nothing to do with osama bin laden you show than george bush saying that of course he had nothing to do with